News & Updates 2022

[July 2022] Thomas Onderwater - Dirty Disco Craze

Get up off your feet and dance to these modern italodisco jams with this retro samples and cofident female vocals! Groovy! A combination between three musical productiomusic youngester. Thomas is represent with four tracks with some powerfull and in your face vocals by Joosje


Get inspired to use these sons into your (online) tv and radio commercials

Tracks: 4 

Style: Disco(house), New Disco, Pop, Italo

Label: Selectracks Song Cataloge


Listen here: ALBUM

[April 2022] Sir Notch & Thomas Fonkel - Green Light

About this collaboration between this two musical youngsters. Acouple of years ago they decided to team up to make dance pop with a 80's touch, consisting of smooth toplines, enegetic vibes and uplifting elements. Sir Notch his songwriting perspective and Thomas Fonkel in the role as producer. 2022 a new year, a new song. Sir Notch & Thomas Fonkel teamed up for their third single and they did it again. An uplifting pop song with a slice of the 80's. The song descibes the global feeling on what is going on right now, we are all waiting for the green light!

Tracks: 2 (Radio & Thomas Fonkel Remix)

Style: Disco(house), New Disco, Pop, Italo

Label: Knightvision Records


Listen here: ALBUM

[Jan 2022] New Artist Thomas Fonkel

International DJ, producer and remixer Thomas Onderwater aka Thomas Fonkel has been on a musical journey since the 90's. Being active as a producer since 2005 and for now with a mixture of pop, house, disco and italo! Thomas is a musical social boy that is consciously aware what is going on. Never to shy and sees the power of collaborations (teamwork). With 20 years of DJ, production and radio experiance a real music head. From pop to uplifting energetic genres, the creativity to produce music is just like floating water. It’s all about the song or production. Thomas his musical sweetspot, a mix between disco, house, pop & italo combined with the finest uplifting grooves and musical surprises. For his songs, It’s all about the lyrics. So a new adventure starts right now with a first release at the end of this year! Together with Sir Notch you can expect some upcoming uplifting Thomas Fonkel fire!

WEBSITE: Thomas Fonkel
SOUNDCLOUD: Thomas Fonkel
INSTAGRAM: Thomas Fonkel

SPOTIFY: Thomas Fonkel

STYLE: Disco(house), New Disco, Pop, Italo