Thomas Onderwater

Producer and DJ (The Netherlands)



Musical social boy that is consciously aware what is going on. Never to shy and sees the power of collaborations (teamwork). With 20 years of DJ, production, radio and coaching experiance a real music head. From pop to uplifting energetic genres, the creativity to produce music is just like floating water. Open to receive and give feedback. It’s all about the song or production. Own musical sweetspot, a mix between disco & italo with a slice of pop.



69 Productionmusic & Sync

47 Releases

29 Remixes

24 Co & Ghost Productions

  2 Bootlegs
  1 Mix Compilation



  • Musical (Melodies)
  • Rhythms
  • Arrangement
  • Speed
  • Vocal processesing
  • Self-thaught / Knowledge
  • Open for feedback
  • Brian pick
  • Never give up
  • Work briefing


Cubase, Ableton & Logic


Piano & Drums



Phone: +31 6 54680152


Factsheet: HERE

Thomas Fonkel
Jan 2022 - Present Day
DJ & Producer national & international

Genres: Disco, New Disco, Pop, Italo, House


Productionmusic & Sync [Producer/Composer as Thomas Onderwater]
Okt 2018 – Present day
Contracted by BMG
Label: 101 Dark Orchid Music, Selectracks Song catalogue, Dynamic Music

Genres: House, Pop, Disco, Italo, 90’s, Club, Ambient & Atmosphere, lounge, Chill Out, Drums and hooks and so on.


A&R Redesign Records

April 2020 - Dec 2020

Connect with new music/artists for Redesign Records. Listening to demo's, coaching talent, focus on feedback and artist development. Looking for genres like 'vocal' house (groovy/funky/melodic), Pop and for our other imprint dark and roasted sounds like techno and deep tech.


Co & Ghost Producer [Producer]

Jan 2016 – Present day

Working with several clients every year.

Genres: House, Progressive House, Tech and Techno, Club & Pop.


Tommy the Sound [DJ / Producer]
Jan 2006 – Present day
DJ & Producer national & international.

Labels: Big&Dirty, Dirty Soul,Housessesion, MOS, SPINNIN  and so on.


[Essential Groovers] [DJ / Producer]
Jan 2008 - Dec 2011
DJ Duo, progressive house. Be Yourself Music/Management.

Labels: Big &Dirty, Dirty Soul, High Contrast, Flamingo, Sinuz and so on. 


  • Pop
  • House (tech, groovy, funky, tribal, future)
  • Club
  • Disco (New Disco)
  • Italo
  • Ambient & Chill Out
  • 90's sound
  • Hip Hop & Breakbeat
  • Dance