News & Updates 2021

[Sept 2021] New Album productionmusic
Laid back Lo-Fi tracks with a nostalgic retro appeal, like the warm glow of a cathode ray TV.




Tracks: 10

Style: Downtempo and Lo-FI

Label: Dynamic Music (BMG UK)

Link Spotify: Downtempo Lo-Fi

[Aug 2021] New Co production Sebastiaan Hooft
If there's one thing that makes Miami special, it's the sun. There's also the music. And that's what I want to focus on today. After almost a whole year, the next Redesign Records release dropped this week on both Beatport and Spotify. It's called Five Miami by Sebastiaan Hooft, and if there's one word to descibe it, it would be helious. 

Tracks: 1

Style: House

Label: Redesign Records

Link Spotify: Sebstiaan Hooft - Five Miami

Youtube: Sebastiaan Hooft - Five Miami