Do you want to get a better producer in a short period?


There are a lot of 'upcoming' producers with production struggles such as; time, technical skills, knowledge about techniques, cocoon's and all the other reasons why the productions doesn't sounds in the studio like how they sounds in your head. I decided to share all my years and years of knowledge and experience, so you can pick my brains. A lot of producers focusing on the wrong spot,  the most problems starts before you are in your new project. If the foundation is rotten, you can never build a solid house!


What is your struggle?

Let me know what your struggle is so I can give you feedback and some homework. The first one is on me because I want to give you the right feeling! If the feeling is right we can discuss what your wishes are and I will present you a plan on how to get you a better producer. I will get you better in a period of 6 to 12 months.


How does it works? 

  • Contact me with your struggles and questions at info@tommythesound.com
  • I will give you feedback and homework (small part of your struggle)
  • We discuss where you need help (technique, arrangement, toplines, compression etc)
  • You will receive a quotation (what we going to do, hours, price, terms & conditions etc)
  • Signing contract (1 A4 file)

 My steps

  1. Refreshing your 'basic' knowledge 
  2. Technique & arrangement
  3. Listen & feedback sessions (feedback within 24 hours)
  4. Mid-term review (monthly or when there is a need)
  5. Workflow (real time document)
  6. Studio session via Skype or FaceTime (if nessesary)
  7. Studio session (only for the Netherlands)