There are a lot of discussions about ghosting. Why? I don't know! Do you think that major artists doing all the music and techniques by themselves, no way! I started in 2016 with ghosting because there are a lot of dj's that struggles with technique, time, release pressure and so on. In this case I want to help to boost careers. I like producing so much so why not for somebody else. From deep house to EDM, almost everything is possible. We discuss what you want or you can pick a track that is already finished. In these days you must release a lot of music, I always say 'try to release one track a month'. The competition is overwhelming, you can't do everything by yourself so it's not a shame. My answer to people that asking me about ghosting, we work together because teamwork makes the dream work!


How does it works?

  • Contact me (
  • We discuss your wishes
  • You receive an example demo
  • You will receive a quotation  (hours, price, terms & conditions etc)
  • Signing contract (1 A4 file)
  • Let's go!


Ghosting track

  • Hours: 30 - 60
  • Own input (possible)
  • Demo to label (possible)
  • Working with toplines (possible)