There are a lot of 'upcoming' and regular producers with production struggles such as; time, technical skills, knowledge about techniques, cocoon and all the other reasons why your productions doesn't sounds like how they sounds in your head. I decided to share all my years and years of knowledge and experience, so you can pick my brains. A lot of producers focusing on the wrong spot, the most problems is not the production but the start of your production. If the foundation is rotten, you can never build a solid house! For more info how my teacher course works, please check my 'teacher' page'


In these days everybody wants to get a super star deejay. Everything is possible but there are two things you can't buy, luck and talent. But, there is hope! I'm in the music industry for over 15 years so I know things that you don't know. With my personal touch  I will coach you how to get further and I will open my network to get you by the right people. I can also help with the 'shitty' music contracts because if you want to get a super star dj, you must sign tons of contracts. For more info about what I can do for you, please check my 'coach' page.


There are a lot of discussions about ghosting. Why? I don't know! Do you think that all artists in the pop, dance, rock etc doing all the music and technical stuff by themselves, no way! I started in 2016 with ghosting because there a lot of artists that struggles. In this case I want to help to boost your career. I like producing so much so why not for somebody else. I produce a lot of styles, almost everything is possible. We discuss what you want or you can pick a finished track. In these days you must release a lot of music, I always say 'try to release one release a month'. The competition is overwhelming. Teamwork makes the dream work! For more information, please check my 'ghosting' page.