News & Updates 2022

[April 2022] Sir Notch & Thomas Fonkel - Green Light

About this collaboration between this two musical youngsters. Acouple of years ago they decided to team up to make dance pop with a 80's touch, consisting of smooth toplines, enegetic vibes and uplifting elements. Sir Notch his songwriting perspective and Thomas Fonkel in the role as producer. 2022 a new year, a new song. Sir Notch & Thomas Fonkel teamed up for their third single and they did it again. An uplifting pop song with a slice of the 80's. The song descibes the global feeling on what is going on right now, we are all waiting for the green light!

Tracks: 2 (Radio & Thomas Fonkel Remix)

Style: Disco(house), New Disco, Pop, Italo

Label: Knightvision Records


Listen here: ALBUM

[Jan 2022] New Artist Thomas Fonkel

International DJ, producer and remixer Thomas Onderwater aka Thomas Fonkel has been on a musical journey since the 90's. Being active as a producer since 2005 and for now with a mixture of pop, house, disco and italo! Thomas is a musical social boy that is consciously aware what is going on. Never to shy and sees the power of collaborations (teamwork). With 20 years of DJ, production and radio experiance a real music head. From pop to uplifting energetic genres, the creativity to produce music is just like floating water. It’s all about the song or production. Thomas his musical sweetspot, a mix between disco, house, pop & italo combined with the finest uplifting grooves and musical surprises. For his songs, It’s all about the lyrics. So a new adventure starts right now with a first release at the end of this year! Together with Sir Notch you can expect some upcoming uplifting Thomas Fonkel fire!

WEBSITE: Thomas Fonkel
SOUNDCLOUD: Thomas Fonkel
INSTAGRAM: Thomas Fonkel

SPOTIFY: Thomas Fonkel

STYLE: Disco(house), New Disco, Pop, Italo