Co & Ghost Production

There are a lot of discussions about ghostproducers or ghostproductions. Why? I don't know! Do you think that all the major and upcoming artists doing all the music and techniques by themselves, no way! I started in 2016 to work as a ghost producer/ co producer because there are a lot of artists that struggles with technique, time, release pressure and so on. In this case I want to help to start or boost careers. I like producing so much so why not for somebody else. From deep house to EDM, almost everything is possible. We discuss what you want or you can pick a finished track. In these days you must release a lot of music, I always advise 'try to release one track a month'. The competition is overwhelming, you can't do everything by yourself so it's not a shame. Teamwork makes the dream work!


Styles I can produce

House, Deephouse, Techhouse, Prodressive, Techno, New Disco, Disco, Ambient, 90's, Chill Out, Pop, Big Room, Afro House, Tribal House, Future House, Indie Dance and Funky House.


Interested? How does it works?

  • Contact me (here)
  • Intake
  • Discussing your wishes
  • Quotation  (hours, price, terms & conditions etc)
  • Contract
  • Starting your future

Music Production Examples