Teacher & Coach

Do you want to get a better producer in a short period?


There are a lot of 'upcoming' artists with production struggles such as; time, technical skills, knowledge about techniques, cocoon's and all the other reasons why the productions doesn't sounds in the studio like how they sounds in your head. I decided to share all my years and years of knowledge and experience, so you can pick my brains. A lot of producers focusing on the wrong spot,  the most problems starts before you are in your new project. If the foundation is rotten, you can never build a solid house!


What is your struggle?

Let me know what your struggle is so I can give you feedback and some homework. The first one is on me because I want to give you the right feeling! If the feeling is right we can discuss what your wishes are and I will present you a plan of growth on how to get you a better producer. I will get you better in a period of 6 to 12 months.


How does it works? 

  • Contact me (here)
  • I will give you feedback and homework (small part of your struggle)
  • We discuss where you need help (technique, arrangement, toplines, compression etc)
  • You will receive a quotation (what we going to do, hours, price, terms & conditions etc)
  • Signing contract (1 A4 file)

 My steps

  1. Refreshing your 'basic' knowledge 
  2. Technique & arrangement
  3. Listen & feedback sessions
  4. Mid-term review (monthly or when there is a need)
  5. Workflow (real time document)
  6. Studio session via Skype or FaceTime (if nessesary)
  7. Studio session (only for the Netherlands)



Do you want to prevent pitfalls?


In these days everybody wants to get a super star deejay, please follow your dream and go for it! Everything is possible but there are two things you can't buy in your life, talent and luck. With over 15 years of experience in the music industry I know things that you don't know! There are a lot of pitfalls and a lot of people don't know the way to find the right company or person to present their music. With my music coaching I will guide you faster to boost your career. I will open my network to get you by the right people or I give you tips, tricks and advise. You can think of labels, publishing, toplines but  I also can help with the 'shitty' music contracts. If you want to get a super star dj you must sign tons of complex contracts. If you have a 'normal' day job there are a lot of coaches that can bring you to your next step. In this business I can be your coach to reach your next step. There is a gap between you and a management. This step can be to big, in this case I can bring you your next step in between 6 - 12 moths to a label, management or to getting better and faster.


How does it works? 

  • Contact me (here)
  • We will discuss where you need coaching and advise
  • You will receive a quotation (personal plan, hours, price, terms & conditions etc)
  • Signing contract (1A file)
  • Let's go!

These are my steps

  1. Personal plan of growth
  2. Setting goals and wishes
  3. Structure & balance
  4. Labels
  5. Publishing
  6. Toplines
  7. Contracts
  8. Releases
  9. Growth
  10. Workflow (real time document)