Advise (Teacher & Coach)

There are a lot of 'upcoming' and regular artists with production struggles such as; time, technique, knowledge, network and a lot of reasons why your productions doesn't sound like it must sounds out of your speakers. I decided to share all my years of knowledge and experience, so you can pick my brains and experience.  More info here

Co & Ghost Production

There are a lot of discussions about ghost producing. Why? I don't know!  I started in 2016 with Co & ghost productions. In this case I want to help to start or boost your musical career. I like producing so much so why not for you. We discuss what you want or you can pick a track that is already finished. Teamwork makes the dream work!  More info here

Sonic Branding (People & Companies)

How do you sound as a person or company, any idea? Music is our universal language and second most impactful influence on the human feeling.