Tommy the Sound was born in The Netherlands (1981), in the city of Utrecht in. As a young child he had a big attention for all kind of music and at the age of 11 he gets his first interest for house music. With two friends he started a drive-in show and so it begun. At his high school he played on special parties and local events in his hometown. In this period he created a serious love for house music decided to go on with it!


Tommy the Sound’s DJ adventure began in his hometown (1998) when he started to perform at some local bars. A few years later he was dj-ing in the biggest and hottest clubs also the legendary Madhouse Club Night in Amsterdam’s iconic Club iT and Powerzone.


Tommy the Sound started producing in 2007.  In 2008, Tommy teamed up with Jordi van Achthoven (Tinlicker), making name under their Essential Groovers collab (Be Yourself Music). One studio sure-shot after the next was released, ending up on well-respected labels like Dirty Soul, Big & Dirty and as Tommy the Sound on Hed Kandi, Ministry of Sound, SPINNIN, Housesession and so on. The strorie continues and another adventure awaited the talented producer.


After a lot of (co)productions Tommy decided to develope his skills a 'multi sounding' producer because of his wide musical production spectrum. For now Tommy is working on Music Production & Sync (as Thomas Onderwater, BMG Production Music), co and ghost productions. As an artist (2019) Tommy started to drop only pop related songs. Together with his childhood friend Christon Kloosterboer (Sir NOTCH) he kicked off his new musical path.