Thomas Onderwater (1981), better known as Tommy the Sound, is a Dutch music producer, DJ, radio host, coach, teacher and ghost producer.


Known as the ‘sound behind sounds’, Tommy the Sound is the mind behind some of today’s artists in dance land, as well as a coach to several rising talents. His trademark, a piano-laden pop sound, makes the perfect blend with house grooves, progressive vibes and many other styles in electronic dance music. In the studio he has paired up with several artists but he’s also put his own productions to limelight display. In 2016, he decided it was time to reinvent himself as an artist, driven by his roots that goes back to the 80's. For now Tommy is working on his 'new' disco and italo sound, with a slice of dance. New releases are coming up in 2017! He also started his monthly Follow My Sound Radio Show broadcasted on a Dutch radio station. 


Tommy the Sound learned the ropes of music by DJ’ing at the legendary Madhouse Club Night in Amsterdam’s iconic Club iT and Powerzone (late 90 - early 20). In 2008, he teamed up with Jordi van Achthoven, making name under their Essential Groovers collab (Be Yourself Music). One studio sure-shot after the next was released, ending up on well-respected labels like Dirty Soul, Big & Dirty and as Tommy the Sound on Hed Kandi, Ministry of Sound, Color Code Music and Ambassade Records. The strorie continues and another adventure awaited the talented producer.


In 2016, Tommy did some refreshing studio sessions with fellow producer Sebastiaan Hooft, creating the blueprint for Hooft’s sound, combining pop chords and textures and modern day choruses with energetic, uplifting house beats. Their sessions resulted in the energetic tracks ‘Feels Like’ and ‘Up’, adding fuel to fire on both their careers. Boosting Tommy’s confidence, it inspired him to reboot his solo career as a producer – and commit himself to living out his dreams.

In 2016, Tommy the Sound continues to live his legacy. With originals and remixes coming up on Color Code Music, Housesession and Mjuzieek Digital and so on, it’s only a matter of time until you’re feeling the sound – and know that that sound is Tommy.